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*Packages of 3 or 6 sessions available at a discounted rate upon request* 

Reflexology:  30 min $50 * 60 min $90


      The feet are our foundation... We have to support the foundation to have a stable house! Reflexology is the system where direct pressure is applied to specific points on the feet, hands and ears that correspond with specific organs and internal systems to balance and stimulate optimum bodily function.  The result is relaxing yet invigorating for the receiver.  Offered as a session by itself of incorporated into full bodywork sessions, reflexology offers many relaxing and healing benefits including relieving: sinus congestion, allergies, migraines, stimulating the immune system,  internal organ support, muscular tension and Plantar fasciitis. 

Thai Yoga Massage:  90 min $135*  120 min $180

​     Thai Yoga Massage dates back 2500 years to Ancient India.  It is kindly referred to as 'lazy man's yoga'.  These sessions are given on a comfortable mat on the floor and the receiver remains fully clothed.  Within the session, reflexology, acupressure, facilitated stretching and conscious breathing are mindfully combined to create a soothing and meditative experience.  Thai Yoga Massage is great for those feeling stagnant, low energy, as it is designed to boost your vital life force and support health and well being.  It will support individual wellness goals including:  reducing stress, relieving headaches, tension in the jaw, neck, and shoulders, increasing range of motion and join mobility, relieving back pain and increasing flexibility.  

*Knowledge and practice of yoga and or meditation is not required to receive Thai Yoga Massage!*

Acupressure Massage: 30 min $50 *  60 min $90 * 90 min $135


     Acupressure is an method where direct pressure is applied to specific points on the body to promote relaxation and healing and encourage healthy energy flow.  Working in tandem with conscious breathing, the receiver can experience noticeable results for physical body discomfort including:  allergies / sinus congestion, migraines, jaw, neck, and shoulder tension/pain, low back pain, hip tension, Achilles tension and Plantar fasciitis.  It is particularly useful for people who work many hours a day behind a screen to relieve the associated tensions with office work. 

Relaxation  Massage:  30 min $50 * 60 min $90 * 90 min $135

     Stressful day, week, month??  A relaxation massage is the perfect way to unwind and let go of the daily in's and out's.  Incorporating aromatherapy if desired, and utilizing a basis of Swedish massage with other therapeutic techniques, the custom tailored relaxation massage is perfect for anyone!  It is designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow for more effective detoxing, and stress reduction.  Tension melts away and easily and the receiver is left feeling revitalized, relaxed and refreshed.  

Deep Tissue / Sports:  30 min $50 * 60 min $90 * 90 min $135

     This session is a great option for those who work and play hard.  Incorporating techniques to unwind scar tissue and adhesions from injuries and accidents a deep tissue massage is very effective.  Modalities such as MFR, Acupressure and Range of Motion are custom tailored to provide the receiver with stress and pain relief!  In this massage deeper pressure is used and is a great choice for rehabbing injuries and recovering from accidents.  Deep Tissue / Sports Massage can assist with: headaches, neck and shoulder tension, repetitive motion issues, increasing joint mobility, rehabbing sports injuries and muscle strains and assisting in fitness goals by supporting the body's optimum function. 

Prenatal Massage:  60 min $90 90 min $135

     Great self care is essential all of the time, especially when expecting a baby.  Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to tune into the internal changes and experience deep relaxation!  Using a lighter pressure, relief from neck and shoulder tension, low back and hip tension / aches, and soreness in the legs and feet can be achieved.  Massage is completely safe during the second and third trimesters in normal pregnancies. Many moms attest to it contributing to an enjoyable and more relaxing pregnancy and birth experience. 

Onsite Corporate Chair Massage:  $80 per hour  

     Chair massage is a a great way to promote relaxation and build morale at the office!  Offering onsite services, the employees simply need to show up and get a boost during the workday.  Many people work at a desk behind a computer and that can lead to chronic pain and repetitive motion injuries.  Chair massage can bring relief to: headaches, sinus pressure, eye strain, neck and shoulder tension, forearm and wrist pain and low back pain.  *This requires a minimum of 3 hours, and can also schedule as onsite reflexology.  *See description above*

Private Yoga:  60 min $60 * 90 min $90

​     Where are we resisting?  How can we soften around the resistance?  Not only in our physical bodies, yet our minds and emotions as well can hold many tensions that block our feeling peaceful and happy.  Yoga is an amazing practice that can unlock these tensions and bring about flexibility in body, mind and emotions.  If you can breathe you can practice yoga!  Private yoga is great for the beginner or seasoned practitioner alike.  Incorporating a well rounded approach including the many healing aspects of yoga, the student can bring their goals and a individual plan will be created!  

*A minimum nine week commitment is requested for all students.*